Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Green Project Update

I love to quilt, on the left is one of my quilt tops. The Vintage Sewing Room will be great for displaying them.

Now an update on the room. We purchase the flooring. It was great that the warehouse is close to us. We will not have to pay shipping. Went with the Synergy Floating Strand Bamboo as shown here....
you can click on to enlarge
The maker is Teragren. It is consider a green product and is a Premiere brand. Synergy is also FloorScore®-certified, one of the most rigorous air quality standards in the world. FloorScore® ensures the quality of indoor air for high performance schools and offices and meets stringent standards for 78 volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Now it ensures the same high quality of air for you.
We called the Teragren Company to make sure we bought from an authorized dealer, so not to void the warranty. Since we are installing it our selves, we need to make sure the warranty would still be in good standing. The company stated that the warranty only applies if purchased from an Authorized dealer. So, be careful when ordering on line. Make sure they are aurthorize to sell the product. You can get it cheap but sometimes that is not a wise decision.
Hubby will be picking it up tomorrow. It will need to acclimate to the room for 48 hours. We will be installing it ourselves. It is a floating floor and I have installed plenty of them. This is a glueless self locking system flooring. Very easy to install. There is even an installation guide on line at the Teragren site. The bamboo flooring we chose is hard not soft bamboo. You can read more about this kind of bamboo Flooring in the link below.

The paint has been purchased. We went with " Filtered Sunlight" by Benjamin Moore. Chose the Natura line because it is a no VOC paint.

Our closet has been ripped out and tomorrow the project manager for Closet of America comes. We will go through our plan and set a date for the install.

We are moving along just great. Staying within my budget is so hard but I am determined to do it. I will post the budget and cost at the end of the project. For now I will tell you I am at the half way point for the budget. One more big ticket item is in the works. Then I will have a better feeling for what else I can do in the room.

Teragren Strand bamboo flooring

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