Monday, May 24, 2010

Green Painting

Painting the window sill and door frame as well as the door in the Green Project room. We have been using Benjamin Moore Natura paint for the walls. Now it is time to paint the trims. Only needed a small amount for that part,
so we found this paint,

From a local home improvement store.
Learn more about this paint Here.
(photo courtesy of GoGreen-Olympic paint site).
Will be painting the trim white therefore the Olympic paint will do.
So many Paint companies are getting on board the green train now, that is is getting easier to find No-VOC products. I was told that the Home Improvement company is working on the Colorant additives being no VOC. At the present time they only have a few to chose from now.
the Muralist is working on the wall.. Here's a sneak peek....
You can enlarge to see a glimpse of the drawing.

thought you would like to see the drawing..
Here It is...

disclaimer: everything in this post is my opinion.. I have received no incentives from the companies mentioned.

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