Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Solar Monitoring

While on Vacation we are able to check on the solar production at home. SunPower Monitoring system allows us to go to their site and see the stats of our production. We can view it by year, month and day. It allows us to see how the Solar system is doing in real-time.
I like this part of our system because while on vacation we can keep tabs on the amount being feed back into the electrical Grid. So we are actually making money on the home energy while away.
We have harvested 2,170 KwH since November 15th, the first day of the panels hook up'. Now that the summer months are approaching us, the harvesting is get better for the month. Last month the sun harvest was 636 KwH. With the high daily amount being 34.13Kwh. It will be very interesting to see what the summer months will hold. Our unit is a 24 panel unit of the SunPower 225 solar Panels. Each panels has 72 solar cells, That's 1728 solar cells collecting the suns power.
If you are interested in seeing the project here is the link to all the solar posts.

Here are our Green Stats. All the equivalent to:
  • Have reduced the carbon footprint by 3,601 pounds of Co2
  • Have saved the emission of not driving of a car for 3,566 miles
  • Have planted 40 seeding trees.. grown for 10 years

We are making a difference in our planet, helping to reduce the amount of pollution we are putting in the environment. Still working on becoming more self sufficient.
Looking at Geothermal next.

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