Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Green Project--Visitors

We have been busy planning and now we are in the starting mode.
Yesterday we had three visitors. The first one was the Muralist, Monica. I met her at a home show, loved her work. We talked about having a mural of a fifties store front, looking out onto the street from inside my store. I love that idea! I so love the time period, it will be a joy to walk in and go back in time to a more easy way of life.
Discussed the paint color with her. Decided on a Beige tone, The Color is called Filtered sunlight. It will be the Natura Paint by Benjamin Moore. The paint was No VOCs. Monica will be using paints with No VOCs also. I will start painting the walls this weekend.
Next was the Closet Folks. We went with Closet America, because they have a very good Warranty and are highly Recommended. All there products are made in is USA in our area. The hardware they use is from Germany, Germany makes very good hardware. We have a lot of German made furniture in our home. We have had them for over twenty year with no hardware problems . The closet design was great. The 3D look really made a good impression. The price was well within our budget. The Project manager will be coming next week, to go over the initial plan. I noticed last night we will have to change a few things.
Flooring was the final appointment of the day. The company is Luna, a Family owned company. In business for over 50 years started in Chicago, still Chicago based . The company has its own installers and a Life time warranty on installation. The price was within our budget. We still have not decided on this company. On Saturday we will be looking at the Dansk Exotic Bamboo flooring. We will make our decision then. My concern is the company has only been in this area for a year. Mostly home-based through representatives, if the rep decides to leave the company then what do we do with the Life time warranty? We really need to get this flooring done first. Off to see the Dansk flooring at other locatations.
Moving right along, getting excited about this Green Project.

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  1. This is exciting. Since projects move along so slowly here, I love hearing about others making progress.
    Have heard wonderful things about Luna, but bamboo is the way of the future.