Monday, April 26, 2010

Green Flooring forMy Vintage Sewing Room

We went out looking at Green flooring. There are so many incentives for making your home green. It helps to offset some of the cost. Cork and Bamboo are among the Greener choices. One has to make sure the the polyurethane used on the cork is green, with no VOC gases. We brought home some samples, one of a cork{pictured upper left} and the other of Bamboo. For years I have been seeing Bamboo and not liking it. Then yesterday I saw one online I absolutely loved.

This is the Bamboo sample we brought home

This is my choice, for the Vintage Sewing Room. I love its' character as well as you can not really tell that it is Bamboo. It is a great Natural Eco-Green Choice, so much of it growing and it replenish itself rather fast. Faster then Oak or many other woods. Wood flooring are consider green. However it takes a lot of trees to make flooring and the growing period for those tree are over a century. Bamboo is very durable and harder then Red Oak or Maple making it a great Eco-Green friendly choice. Now we shop around for a good price, Hubby loves to Bargain Hunt. So, we have several installers coming to the home these next few weeks. I just want this flooring from Teragren. This particular flooring is about 1/2 inch thick solid Bamboo. Style is called Synergy, color is Brindle I'm done looking. My Vintage Sewing Room is ready to begin progress.

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