Sunday, February 10, 2019

Update, Been Awhile

We are still a  solar home and being a energy conscious family. My father has moved in with us. so this winter we have had to use more heat to keep he room warmer as he sleep. Hubby and I like the house at about 72. However that is too cold for a close to 90 year old. We found and got a unit that uses less energy and has a good thermostat. Our bills are still not in the range as before the solar, but they are up a little. Something else we did was get some cooking  Gadgets that you can use instead of the stove. Like the Ninja foodi. It also helps in the energy used.Things cook in less time with no  additional wasting heating of the house.
We also got a new washer and dryer that uses less energy. I tend not to use the dryer as much. hang drying items instead.

we still have been recycling. However we wish that our county would allow more item to be recycled . They have become more stricter on what we can put in the bins. That's a fight worth pursuing.

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