Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Still High Fructose Corn Syrup!

A new trend is happened and it's time to beware of name changes!

Heard something today that did not sit well. The manufacturers want to rename High Fructose Corn Syrup(HFCS), an ingredient name listed on the Nutrient list of food and drinks. The New name will be something like Corn Sugar. This change is because of the bad rap the Fructose syrup has been having on sales. With the nation now looking at the amount of HFCS and steering away from this ingredient, the sales of companies using this product as sweeteners has fallen down. It is used in a lot of foods from cereals and snacks to juices and sodas.

Oh, I see.. folks are now reading the labels and choosing healthier products with natural sweeteners. Good for them! The industries think by changing the name to Corn sugar it will imply that this is a natural sweetener. True it is made from corn, however it is processed into a chemically enhanced sweetener. Too Much of this product can cause excess weight. Which can lead to other health issue in the future. I think folks are choosing wisely and deciding to cut back on products with High Fructose Syrup in it. This is a good direction to go. Have you seen the commercials on this HFCS? The one with the lady serving a drink with HFCS? She states that it is good for you in moderation. Those were done to help the sales return to the upward trend. That did not seem to work , so now the name change in order to increase the sales of Products using High Fructose Syrup in them.

So, Be forewarned you might see a new ingredient name for an old ingredient. Also a new promotion of the new ingredient, which is the old ingredient. The product is still the same nothing has changed but the name of the ingredient.

Only the name has been change to protect the selling revenue of their products.

What do you think about this plan? Are you For or Against?
The FDA has not approved the name change as of today. So the debate is still out there. Also be advised that other companies have already done some fancy wording to make their product look healthier, however the product ingredients has not changed at all.


  1. They must think the American public is 'dumber than dirt', but then, so many times the public has been...When I saw their plan to change the name, I thought the same thing you did. My husband worked for one of the companies that made the HFCS and so we have some first hand knowledge of how it's made, etc. I personally believe that the syrup is directly responsible for the epidemic of obesity in our country and it will never end until we just say NO to HFCS, no matter what it's called. The other name for it is GREED.

  2. It is truly all about the greed, Carol!

    Look at how FDA gives the BIG Monasato (sp?) permission to make more and more genetically modified foods.

    People are becoming more aware and a lot are fighting get our natural good foods back, like raw milk. Please join your local Native Nutrition groups around the country.

  3. Well, I can't say that I'm surprised.