Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday- The Blame Game Continues

I have been hearing a lot on the news and reading a lot on the web about this BP Oil accident. How interesting the blame game gets. First we are stunned by the accident, feared for the lives lost and the men hurt. Next the feelings of cleaning up and the environmental impact on the gulf ,its animals and our shorelines. Then the effect it has on the Fishing Boat companies and the employment income of the fishermen and small towns businesses. Later on, the blame game starts. Who is going to pay for the effects this Accident has caused nationwide. The cleanup, Lost income, and the ongoing Lawsuits.
BP seems to be blaming Transocean for the explosion. As stated here:

"Lamar McKay, chairman of BP America, told the first of two Congressional hearings into the environmental catastrophe that it was Transocean which conducted the well drilling operations.

Now I ask you, do you think this is a problem caused by BP oil or is it Tranocean's . You see if Transocean is the one who owns the rig and the equipment then shouldn't they be responsible for the Explosion and aftermath cost?

My Husband put is this way.....If you rent a home and the gas line to the home causes an explosion, the renter would not be a fault. The owner would have to file the claim for the insurance and the owner would receive the money. then the owner could be held responsible for the renters losses. Is it the Renter responsibilities to maintain the Gas lines? The renter assumes that the gas lines are safe and that the owner has done their job in creating a safe environment to live and work in.

So now that I have the rest of the story, my question is Who really is at fault and who should be paying for the aftermath of this accident? Any thoughts from you?

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  1. YOUr husband does make a valid point.My issue is more with the fact that so many people sat around while the gulf was being destroyed, talking about it, placing blame, when they should have been jumping in and fixing it.I am your newest follower.Please return the favor!