Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Updates- A Yearly Review.

I have noticed a trend in my writing style. Trying to keep this Blog on subject content is a goal of mine. Looking back I started out on weight control and my struggles. Working with the Wii and other products. Searching for the product that will be my Niche. Later on I realized not too many passer-byers were interested in my struggles. Folks seem to stay for a while but as the year goes on they lose interests. What more can one write about? We have covered all there is. Just eat healthier and exercise that is the answer to a healthier you.

Then when Hubby convinced me to look into the Green thing, I realized that this was worth writing about. Going solar was a great step for us. But was that the only Green thing to think about? How about expanding to the environment to the home. Is our Home healthy, do we have products that are unhealthy in them and how can we change that?

The Going green and living healthier idea became a way of life for us. It is such an important aspect to living a longer life. However I have notice not very many visitors are interested. Notice this not just on this blog but on other Green blogs as well. No comments in their post sections.

What is wrong with this picture? All the research we do can not convince folks to get on the bandwagon and look at their lives and habits. How were we trained up? There seemed to be a generation that really do not care about living healthy. My assumption is this is a younger, under 30 some, that are only interested in the now. I too was like that until recently. After Mom got cancer and I started to learn more about our environment being the cause for some types. Like the way we eat, the things we breath, the products we use, and the regions we live in. This made me think twice about my home environment, my families life and what can be done to change the life of cancer and unhealthy living on our planet.

Some companies have started to change their product ingredients. Some Stores have made a stand on waste landfill product using. Counties and Cities are redefining their recycling plans. I think we are as a nation working on this matter and trying to recreate a healthier environment.

Now back to this blog content. My main reason for looking back at the content is to make this a better blog. Taking a over all view of the contents. What was interesting to the readers and what was just Blogfill. I will be looking at ways to enhance my site . You can help by giving me feed back. Did you like this years changes? What would you like more of?
I will continue to do my Monthly Updates on Solar and Going green. That is for all those wanting real life feed back of product productions.

My family is getting more Green minded in our thinking. The above photo is of my family, Hubby, Lyd and me. We are going green together. Raising a green minded generation child is our goal. Life long and prosper in a healthier earth.

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