Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gable Solar Fan- A Green Choice

Attics tend to hold the heat of the day. This can cause your energy costs to raise. Our main house attic is hot even though we have insulation in it. Hubby decided to have an attic gable solar fan installed. During the day the sun will power the fan to remove the heat from the attic space. That should help with the daily build up of heat. the same company we used for our House solar installed the fan. We purchase the gable solar fan from Lowes and had it installed. One could easily install it themselves. However hubby can not do the work due to current health issues. So we contracted the installation out. It is only run by solar power.
The attic exhaust fan...
This will be hooked to it's own solar panel,
for it's power source

We have decided the best place to mount the solar panel is on the chimney.

Fan installed in the attic-view

Ron working on the solar panel install...
the chimney fire usage should not effect the panel.
It is far enough down to remain free of soot.

The finished look...

The company we love to use-their sign.
We highly recommend them. If you live in the eastern coast area,
Virginia, Maryland Delaware,New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
Give them a call tell them Auntie E and Steve sent you.
Jack is the person we work with he is very good at answering your questions
and designing a solar system to meet your needs.

Yesterday was the first day the fan was in use. We noticed to Upper floor cooler. Our air-conditioning seem to run less. I notice that yesterday when the temps out side was in the upper 90's. Our air-conditioner was not running, and the house was holding it's 78 degree temp on the floors. I think this was a good move for our Green Minded Living.


  1. It is a great way to use solar power for your requirements. Your hubby always doing some new and i like his invention. keep it update regularly.

  2. Wow, congratulations on making a concrete move to cool your house, and finding a green solution at that.

  3. Way To Go Auntee E ! that's totally green and smart too.

  4. I want to install solar panel in my house soon because I think it can save electric bills and there is always blackout in my area.