Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot or Cold Water?

The other day Hubby was putting water on the stove for Pasta. Noticed he was using Hot water from the faucet . I was taught not to use Hot Faucet Water for cooking. Never told why just not to. Watching several Italian cooking shows they stated the same thing " Always use Cold water for your cooking.". So Why is that?

Well, I looked it up and found out a few things. First off Most homes built before 1986 have copper pipes and lead solder was used to connect the pipes. Some homes in the world still use this kind a piping. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) administration stated that hot water will bring with it the metals from the pipes to your faucet. They recommend that you do not consume Hot water for drink purposes. Always use cold water for food preparation and consumption.

Okay now here is the second reason. It's your Hot Water tank. You realize that the tank has corrosive metals in it. Over time it will weaken and burst. Just think that is where the hot water is coming from. The water sits in the tank for days, so when you call it up, by turning on one of the faucet the water has dissolved metals in it already.

Lead poisoning has been getting a lot of attention lately. Some believing it may be the cause of A.D.D.(Attention Deficit Disorder). Hubby stated he has always used Hot water in cooking. Then stated Maybe that is my Problem, now I have Poisoned by brain.
We laugh about it now, but in reality it could be very unhealthy. I always thought you should use Cold water just to make Good Pasta. However by hubby making me give him a Logical answer I learned a lot.

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