Monday, August 24, 2009

Oceans of Summer Fun.

Here we are winding down the School break summer fun. We have been vacationing since schools been out. Mini trips and long trips.... Have seen the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, been Midwest Mountains and shopped in the U.S largest Mall..... Now in Virginia Beach, we did manage to get one day in the Atlantic Ocean water and sunning on the beach. Hurricane Bill caused the beach to close at times and when it was open the undertow was bad. A couple weeks ago our town had a 12 year old boy die. He was on Vacation playing in the Ocean, the undertow took him. They have not found his body yet. So I was very concern with the girls. Not so willing to let them play in the ocean while H-Bill was around. We went shopping on the strip and walked the board walk.

We are heading to Great Wolf Lodge for Loads of Fun!
Did you know GWL has gone Green. Check it out at Project Green Wolf

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