Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Going Green Together- Solar Updates

Well, this is are first real  situation with the panels. It is with the Squirrels. they decided to build a nest under the solar racks on the Roof. I noticed it about a week ago. We tried to deter them from  continue going up there. One thing we did was put a pest deterrent box in the attic. It seems to work however I still saw them up there. Order a New one just for squirrels, guaranteed to repel them with 5000 Sq ft. We called the solar power folks to come and remove the nest and chest the system.
They removed the nest and found that the squirrels had removed the roofing tiles to the wood. So we are replacing them now. They did chew a few of the wires, they are fixing that.
We need to make sure the critters do not return to the site. So we will be putting a net of some sort around the unit. This is something that that do. you might  consider that when they first put it up. It would a alleviate a lot of headache. He said that they had Raccoons set up nest under there also.
we wouldn't a thought that critters would do that on a slanted rooftop. However now we and you do too.

As for the Power bills, they have continued to decline. Last months was 45.11! Yes that right, from 200.00 to 45. We have continued to see lower bills thought the years.  The learning curve of being more frugal when are energy usage . Cutting back on a mount of things running, making light blub changes,  and turning the temp to a higher number in the summer and a lower number in the winter.
Using our pellet stove more in the winter helps also.

Some time in January we notice that our Heat pump was not working. Had to purchase another one. Went with a more efficient one and we have really notice the difference for the good.  Hopefully we will see the bill go lower.

Overall the choice we made some five years ago are paying off. We are very please with the Solar Company we used and would recommend them to you. Their service is great.

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