Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday- The Scale Watchers

The scale just isn't moving. Yeah that's right it must be broken! I do not feel like I am not loosing weight. I heard that sometimes the scales do not tell the true story. It can weigh heavy some times and stay put others. However, you can be still losing. It's called losing inches. So we must be measuring as well as scale watching. My inches are going down, the scales are up and down. Sometimes it has to do with the amount a fluids or that meal the night before. Yes that's right it is still making it's way out, and the body is holding on to the weight of it. Just wait til it moves out then weigh yourself. You will see.
As for Me my scale seems to move up and down 3 to 5 pounds a week.   Maintain the weight  not losing. However the pant size and tops have changed.  I will try not to let the Scale get me down. I will continue to buy the size I am and not buy bigger ones. Get rid of those larger sizes from my drawers and closet. That will help me stay on track. No more Scale Watching for me. Just checking in as a swim by for that possible small person emerging.

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