Saturday, August 27, 2011

Looking into an alternate Green power.

Going Green takes some research, I love thinking Green Acres on a green scene.

We have been looking into a whole house gas generator. Have have several folks out for quotes. I have to say it is very costly. Not sure our outages warrants one.

So, we had a solar load assessment done to see about a solar backup. It turn out that a solar backup would not be a good choice either. The running time would a short and the cost is about the same as the gas generator. We might be looking at adding to our solar panels and a gas generator. Combining the two on a contract. that way we take take advantage of the incentives.

However, we will have to look into a few more things.

Our solar power is doing us very well. Saving money and making us look into some newer green options.

Will keep you all informed on our decisions. Still looking to do Thermal solar for our water heater. The date has been push back for that.

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