Monday, September 24, 2012

Entrecard is No more. You will be Missed.....

Well in the Bloggerworld things are in one day and out another. As I have found out Entrecard is Down and Out. It seems that Entrecard was sold to Ziprunner in 2009. Since then there has been problems keeping it up and runner. The Ziprunner group  has decided not to work at keeping it up.  Therefore shutting down the site service.  Causing the end to Entrecard.

Now I still had lots of points in there for advertizing. All I can say is  the blogs that were visited by me,through my favorites in Entrecard, will be missed.  There were a lot of bloggers that I meet through Entercard and My hope is that I will still be able to find them.

Please follow me, so I can still visit your blogs. It has been a great  four years with Entrecard. Now it is time to look for another service. I will be searching out one soon.


  1. I wish they had given us a heads up of some kind.

  2. It's a shame it's gone, but it seems to have been on autopilot for years :-( Also there were quite a few cheaters - at least one person has admitted to dropping 2400 a day with a script for the last two years...

  3. No wonder...and no notifications at all? Well, surely EC will be missed. I met lots of bloggers and became friends too. That's sad that they shut down a nice blogging resource for traffic.