Monday, January 2, 2012

What's happening....

Now that we are in a new year, things are changing already. There are several things that have happened. One, free advertisers are closing down, like Adgitize,CMF and some other one.
Two I have notice blogs are slowing down as to visitors. However, Social sites like Twitter and Facebook are growing. Three, there was no person of the Year on the Time Magazine, only a group of people( protestors). Four, the Rose Tournament parade and Rosebowl game was moved to January 2. What happening? Does this mean 2012 will be a year of changes and life as we know it will be different?

I think so. The internet will be changing and the readers will want different material to view. We will be looking at people differently. Travel will be looked at in a different eye. Will we go to new places or just stay close to home. I am so eager to see what will happen to the BloggerWorld. Will we still be blogging and what will your content be in this New Year.

My Daughter is graduating High school, so I know our World will be changing. My blogs will probably change also. I hope to do more on my Kitchen/ Food blog. I little more on the Review blog and just maybe this one will see some real changes. Maybe even a New Look.

Health and Long life is still on every ones mind. Therefore I do not think this one will go away. However the content could see a big change. Maybe inspired more on News and New technology, New findings as well as New information on being healthy.

Well 2012 will be a brand New look and views on all things. I know that online outreach will be a great tool used on changing thing. Just like it made the Bankers rethink their added fees. The power of this tool can be the one thing that is used to make changes and keep folks in check.

Happy New Year to you all and most of all make a difference this year in some way.

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  1. Great Plans you have, ive never made up mine, I miss adgitize so I visit u thru AFTR