Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A new Year with New Beginnings.

We all love to have New Beginnings. Back sometime ago, I always vowed to be a different person every start of a new year. Nice a quiet, hold my tongue and be one of those persons people call Sweet. Oh My Mother was that kind a person. As for Me, Not in your lifetime. I am a very strong willed person, a Perfectionist and one who love to know everything!

Now this can be bad or good. Have learned over the years to really accept myself. I am design like this for a purpose, just need to find that purpose.

Here we are entering a New Year, can you believe it 2011. Never thought I would live to this date. But then again what kid growing up in the sixties ever thought of the year 2000? It was just a song! Remember in the year 2000, folks thought we would not have computers and our cars would stop running , the government would shut down and Our world as we knew it would change. Ha.. that did not happen. Instead we got smaller Cell phone, devices to download and read books from, cars that can run on solar as well as electric and gas and most important the ability to put Solar and Geothermal in private homes. Wow I would say that the two thousands years has progressed fairly well.

Here we are eleven years later and still living on this earth. No solar flare, sun still in place, cars still running and the Government...well, that is still out there. So one thing I would like to encourage you to do this New Year is ; Find something that would be easy for you to change.
I will help you with some Ideas:

1. Change your laundry detergent to a more environmental friendly one.
2. Buy a Water collector barrel to harvest the water for Gardening.
3. Grow your own Vegetables
4. Cut back on the car mileage , take the train or carpool twice a week.
5. Add a solar product to your home or yard.
6. Replace flooring with an eco-friendly material
7. Learn to Read labels on food items
8. Exercise twice a week
9. Read one book a month
10. Learn something new monthly

There you have it ten ideas. All within reach. Let's begin this New Year 2011 with a plan to Make our Lives Healthy and Our Environment Healthier.

What is on your mind? Thinking of something else one can do, share it in the comments. Or add it to the list below. I can't wait to hear your view.

Now simply click on the "Click here to enter" button and type your idea in the space, click enter and it will appear below. Now let's get started.

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