Thursday, December 9, 2010

Going Green together- Solar and Green Updates.

It's been A while, time for an update. We are so please with our electric bill. It is still in the low hundreds. Our solar systems is doing well. It has been a little over a year.

We have harvested 7,856 kWh of sun energy.

Reduced emissions equivalent to:
  • 13,037 pounds of CO₂
  • not driving 12,911 miles in a standard car.
  • planting 145 seedlings grown for 10 year

April was our most productive month, with a total of 799.99kWh harvested.
February was the least month, with a production of 266.39kWh

Now with the Holidays here, we have purchased some solar Holiday lights. I really like them. They are bright and just think no extra cost on our bill.
Still learning to be greener in our decisions. So many items to harvest the suns power with. Now if we could just get hold of a Solar powered generator. Anyone know of one?

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  1. What a great year you have had with your solar world! May the next year be even better. Good Job!