Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vacation Time Coming Up.

August is approaching and that means family reunion and vacation time for us. This year we chose the North East for our Vacation. Our family reunion is in the Erie Area and then it will be a Canadian trip, to see Niagara Falls. After that it is off to the Poconos for some R&R at the Lodge. I will be sharing some details on my At Home blog this next week. Been working on an icon to go with this trip. Had a contest for the name back in May. The name is... Northern Sun Loop, given by Sandy over at Traveling Suitcase.
It will be interesting to learn about the Falls and how the Power of Water is good for the environment.
I read somewhere that the power generated from water is actually better for the planet. The USA is building and using more Hydro-power than ever before. In the past few years we have increased our usage to around 49%( a new 2010 update). We are the fourth leading nation in the usage of Hydroelectricity to date. China being number one, Canada number two and Brazil number three. The total Numbers were reported in April 2010, The United States numbers were 81,636 Thousand Mega watt hours. With Washington State producing the highest amount of 19,001. Hydro-power had been the largest renewable source since 2003 for the US.
Canada's Hydro Plant(Sir Adam Beck) in Niagara Falls area will be one stop for me to see.

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