Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Weight Scales

Time for a new scale. The old scales just refused to give a weight at times. We would step on it and it would just remain blank. Oh I liked it, that meant I was losing weight right? Whatever number you thought up would be good. Another Problem we had with it was, It weighed us 5 pounds heavier when it did give a number. That drove everyone mad as a Hatter. It made me feel great. I always knew I could deduct the 5 pounds or maybe more,if I had clothes on, from the number. Well to say the least I never really knew my true weight in the buff.
With My daughter having to lose the weight and her working with a nutritionist, it was time for a newer scale. More updated and a better motivator, one that will give more information on our body and can be set to each of us.
So off to the store we went. Oh boy so many types to choose from. There were ones that measure water composition, how do they do that? Another gives you all the facts... Your BMI, Calories and Weight. The one thing that drives me crazy is all these choices. I am never good at too many choices. Therefore we looked and then Walked the Mall. Thought about which one would suit our family's need.

This was our choice:
Health Station Sport Scale by Homedics.

Now this scale has four individual settings. Each one ask for your height, age, gender and athletic status. By inputting this information, it will be able to give a BMI and a suggestive Caloric intake to maintain that weight. If you are working to get to a desired caloric intake, this is a great choice. Even if you want to get to a desired weight with a healthier BMI. It will help one maintain that weight. Just knowing how many calories to consume can stop the Yo-Yo effect of loosing weight.
I have already lost 5 lbs using this scale, you know the five the other scale added. But seriously I have really lost 5 real pounds since using the scale. It was a great choice for the family and hopefully we are on our way to a fitter person. Oh what a new motivator scale can do.

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