Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blogging Etiquette

Blogging etiquette can be tricky. Learning to blog in this bloggers world can be a challenge. I have only been at it for about 2 years. Have made some mistakes and folks angry. Have trusted in some things I should not have. Being careful not to post things that would offend folks but, at the same time being me can be mindbogglingly.

I started a Series called Got Evidence, this was to give the evidence I found on a subject. Note it is not to promote my opinion on the subject. Sometimes I just want to know the facts. Guess I should have been a detective, after all my Grandfather was one and I must have it in my blood. As a teen I always wanted to know Why, on just about everything. Oh yes I was a most difficult teen. In my Wiser years I am still the same, always searching for the Whys and Hows. Recently some medical problems have enter the family life. Knowing the facts before going the the doctors are a must. However Posting the Facts on a blog can cause reactions that one was not anticipating.

Back to the Etiquette's of blogging. Somewhere there has to be a List or for a better term an Etiquette book on blogging. Oh there are many bloggers who post their view of what blog Etiquette should be. There are suggestions on commenting, writing article, visiting bloggers, using other folks material and giving credit, emailing, returning visit on those comments, How to spam or not to Spam, you name it it is cover on some folks blogs. They are trying to help Blogger get along in this World of the internet blogs.

Trying to make it easier to visit and manage a blog with out offending fellow bloggers is harder then one can fathom . I would imagine there are also Seminars to attend, and videos to view on Bloggers rules. However are they all on the same path? You see there doesn't seen to be a blogger Etiquette Book or rules that transcends across the Bloggerworld International. Seems to me that anything goes in the bloggers mind set.

Yes each blogger is an individual that created their own blog to suit their needs. Some are not in the taste of certain surfers, while others are very popular in the World of Bloggers. Can there really be Rules of Etiquette for Bloggers around the world? I really do not know that answer. One thing that is important to me is that I respect the visitors to my blogs and that they respect my views. In a way it just like the real world... some folks are friends and some are acquaintances. Some stop by with a mission and some just to say Hi. There are the ones who follow silently and some that are very boastful. Let's not forget the ones who are in this for the money, trying to make a penny and leaving that link to a special item you might want to purchase. How do we handle those folks? Let's call them Solicitors, who know the ones who rings your doorbell.

If I had to make a list for Blogger Etiquette is would be..........
Well I think I will save that for a Got Evidence Post. Need to do more research before I can make an educated decision. Until then I will try my best to use some sort of Etiquette that will be within my moral compass.

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  1. Nice post. Yes I believe there are rules, niceties so to speak. For me, I comment alot and always return comments. I like visiting a variety of blogs with different topics. I don't tend to frequent blogs that don't do regular updates. I always leave more comments then I get in return; which tells me lots of folks want traffic but aren't willing to put the time into returning the favor of traffic. One sided.

    I've noticed people blog about lots of items in the news, things they feel will get comments, good bad or indiffernt. I tend to prefer more interesting, personal or unique blogs.

    Am glad I came across yours.