Monday, November 30, 2009

Santa Goes Green Tree

I managed to get walking in this weekend and a lot a standing. We went to the Festival of Trees. I notice more and more people using the reusable bags. Great for them!

I thought you would love to see a Santa Goes Green tree.
A closer view

I just had to chuckle. Could you imagine getting light bulbs for Christmas from Santa?
Last week I bought some energy saving light bulbs. I was surprise at the cost but, bought them anyway. When I got them home a couple of them would not work. Seems the gas can leek out and they will no longer light. Now I ask, can that gas be bad for the environment? Does any one know?
Hubby bought LED light for the hallway chandelier. They were suppose to last a life time. Who's live time, an aunt? Oh yeah they stopped working after a couple months. All of them stopped. That is why I needed to buy new light bulbs.
I sure hope someone develops one that is energy efficient and doesn't cost 5 to 10 dollars a piece. I can not be paying all this money on them only to last a couple of months! And if the industry is really going to phase out the old type, I'll have to go back to candle light.

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