Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Green Home-More than a Color

In 2006 My Mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. While visiting the Oncologist we were told that they believe this cancer is caused by the environment we live in. That surprised me, how can that be? Then in January 2007 a Friend ask me to go to a Companies' seminar, they had some new products coming out. Again I was amazed, they talked about the environment and the effect it had on Cancer. Only they were speaking of the home environment. They also spoke of Asama and skin problems. Boy that really hit me hard. You see I had been having problems with my Skin and Eyes and feeling ill a lot. I thought I was stressed and wore down helping my Mom and Dad During her long Cancer treatments. I was Driving back a forth Between Norfolk Virginia and Baltimore Maryland. Trying to take care of my family of three and my parents. I came home from the seminar and told my hubby I joined the company.
Now it has been two and a half years. I do not have skin problems and have not been sick in that time. Heck my daughter has not missed a day of school during that time. This is how it Evolved.

First I bought some lotion for my skin, then I read a book about the companies products , when it started, what's in the products and how to transform my home into a healthy environment.
This company has been in existence since the early 80's, yes they began Green. They were concern with the environment and where is was headed. With all the new household cleaners that has carcinogenic in them.{Get this the Companies producing these product knew it! they just didn't think it would effect the people so soon. Now they are trying to change their ways.}
Well I throw out all my cleaning products and began using the New Company's only. After a few weeks I noticed changes. I wasn't sneezing when the dish washer was working, The Body was not itching as much, I was sleeping better and the family wasn't getting sick(while people all around us were.). We were healthier!
My girlfriend asked me about the product and said she was not happy with her current ones. So I ordered her a Laundry Kit one month ago. Called her early this week to see how she was doing and was told she absolutely Loves the Product. I know she will start to notice the changes in the home and begin to change over to a Greener Home.
If you would like to know more leave your link, I will be glad to share it with you.
Yes My house is green, the only Green One on the block, area and town. So, now when I say Our home has Gone Green is means All the way. Inside and Out!


  1. So glad you feel healthier now. I love the fact that there are now so many green products to choose from. Take care.