Thursday, April 2, 2009

If I Could Blog Back Time-Thursdays

Lola's Dinner Is starting a If I could Blog Back Time-Thursdays link. I got to thinking how I could do that on my Get fit site. A Word came to my mind,Bowling. During the 60's I lived in Rochester New York, we had a bowling alley up the street.Bowling was big ,there were leagues. One could sign up for a league at the alley. Bowlers with they league shirts were all around. Remember the Lavern and Shirley TV show.

My middle brother and I would walk or ride our bikes to the alley. I Loved Bowling. Was pretty good at it. My brother was a competitor. Boy did we have some tough games. I will have to say he won a lot, and never would let me forget it. When I won,which wasn't much, he would give some excuse. Maybe his arm was tired or he wasn't feeling good. He even join one of those league, so he could get better. Even talked me into joining a league. Saturday was league day. Those are good memories. Now I am sure I can beat him at Wii bowling!! He doesn't even know how to Wii!.I will have to "blog back time" and get him to play at my Wii Bowling Alley.

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