Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Healthy Cupboards?

Are your cupboards Healthy? Heard a statement made, less than 30% of people check there cupboard for recalled food items. I admit I am one who doesn't check. If we want to keep out families fit and healthy,we should be checking. My logic is if we haven't been sick and are eating the items, then it should be fine. Then I got to thinking, how many times has my family had loose bowels, been stuffed up, had a bloated feeling , Stomach ache, Low grade fever, headache, body ache or just felt rundown. Humm.... all of these can be related to bad food! Yes it could be the flu But, ask yourself, Is it always FLU SEASON!! We blame too much of our sick feelings on the Flu or weather. Maybe it is the food in our Cupboards. Go ahead check the expiration date and the recalls. Let's make our cupboards Healthier. Are you in the 30% who does not check?

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