Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Thrifty Tip

This is a New topic I am adding. With the economy being so much in the News and on our minds, I decided to give a weekly thrifty tip.

Many years ago when I lived on my own, I did not make much money. Had to figure out how to live on limited funds. I took the lead from my Mother. She had to feed and cloth a family of six and sometimes more ( foster children and family members) . I remember things she did to make life seem like we had plenty. Sharing some of those tools and ideas will be my pleasure.

So for the first one for this 2012 New year I chose a Winter one. although you could use this any time of year. My Mother was able to take us to concerts, bowling, get donuts and almost anything and the cost was very little and sometimes nothing. Now back then in the 60's, she used the newspaper and word of mouth from friends and neighbors. Today we have the Internet, kind of like our Friends and neighbors and to some the new Newspaper. Thought I would give you a link to check it out.
Now I went to this site and put my e-mail in, that way they will send me daily deals. I can decided on things to do and get the family out of the house. Once you are at the site click on change city. Choose the city closes to you and sign up.

Let me know what you think of this topic. Will it be of interest to you?

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