Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tell All- Why Are You Here?

Here's one for you.....One calls the doctor office complaining about a sore throat, low grade fever and having trouble swallowing . First off our primary physician can not see you, no openings in the office of five doctors! So they send you to an urgent care facility. Now you need to get a referral so that the insurance will pay them. On the referral it stated why you are there and what you are to be seen for. Once you get to urgent care, they take the referral, lay it aside and ask why you are here. Now you tell them exactly what's on the referral. Now one pays their co-pay and wait to be seen be a nurse. Who then ask you, why you are here. Now you go to a room wait for 15 minutes and a second nurse comes in. Asking why you are here, then takes a couple samples. You wait another 15 minutes, the Doctor comes in asking why you are here. Looks at your throat, listening to your lung through your clothes. Then says, well the tonsils look fine, no flu and no strep. Just rest and do you need a school excuse? Now that's a Routine doctor!

Now this really happened to us. I was stunned! First of all, my daughter does not have any tonsils.they were removed years ago! Second, I could see the throat was red with streaks and puss, swollen and she was truly sick. Now that was on Thursday of last week. She still is sick, with fever and sore throat.

What has happened to our medical system.... Where are all the good doctors.... What happened to the family practice doctors? Some where in the last decade we have let the medical industry go downhill. Doctors seem to be coming from every nation, with very little bedside manners and has not mastered of the American English language. It is getting harder to communicate with them. Most of the time I can not even understand them, due to their thick accent, and most important they can not understand us. We have to repeat our selves several times to a lot of folks. What happen to writing it down to be read by the next person? or can these folks read English? or Write English?

I remember a day when we had great doctors. Ones that knew you from childhood, even from birth . We could call the doctor and get seen that day for illness. Now-a-days one can make a well appoint for three months out and then within three more months get the result from that appointment! making a routine appointment lasting over 6 months! Everything is specialized. Your doctor has to send you to one that will be able to service your needs. The trouble is it takes months to get in!

Well as you can see, I am frustrated with the whole Medical system here. Yesterday I called to get my daughter in to be seen by her family doctor, an American lady that I can understand. However no appointments available for her that day or today. So I get to take my daughter to be seen by a doctor from India, who has a thick accent and I can not understand her. Now I have nothing against her county or her. However it does make it hard to communicate with her on a medical realm. I will have to ask my questions twice and listen so carefully and ask her to repeat it.

I really miss the old time Doctors. This new system is so frustrating for me. I would like to know where all the American doctors are going. Now this is one reason that I do not go to the doctors myself. I have very little faith in them. I feel one can be so sick and spend lots of money to be told you're find no flu or strep. And them die of Walking Pneumonia or some other curable disease. Then the folks say... Why didn't you take them to the doctors? Only to find out you did!

So why is the Malpractice insurance so high......well that's another door to open later. Pandora's box has many doors. Once one gets opened it causes a rift in time and the right door is never found.

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  1. I really hate it when you call the doctor with a simple request . . . and have to call them over and over again.

    It's all about the money anymore . . . they don't care about people!

    Great post :)