Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Tell All- When things happen

Ever have something go wrong and just can't figure out way? Well, that's what happened to me. Back in November I was trying to get someone to go on a trip with me. I really wanted to go, just not by myself. Asked so many family members and some friends. The problem was it was a fourteen day trip. Most folks work or have business that they can not in this economy afford to be gone that long. It was a trip of a lifetime for me. When I lived in Europe I was able to go to a lot of places. Rome, Venice, Prague, Budapest, Black forest, Switzerland, Paris, Amsterdam and many other places. While in Asia we visited the South seas area. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and all over Korea. There are still a few other places I would love to visit. England, Ireland, and the Middle East area.

However when I had the opportunity to go to The Mideast, that enlighten my senses. The trip was a fourteen day trip to Egypt. Cairo, Aswen, Abu Simbel, Kitchener's Island, a Four day cruise on the Nile and many other stops. Well things happen for a reason. If I had gone on that trip I would be there now. It left on the 23rd of January. Let me tell you a secret....My Lord looks after me. I am convinced that's the reason it didn't work out. He was keeping me safe. I have been in war zones and it is not a comforting feeling.

Now all the folks that went on that trip were able to get out of Egypt and arrive safely in another country. They will be making their way back this week. Do not think they got to go on the cruise on the Nile. For I was told they were in Israel during that time frame.

Now the next trip I am looking forward to is Israel. Hope the conflict will be calmer by then.

Can you remember when thing just didn't work out and afterward you knew why?

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