Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Got Evidence? "MckLinky is turning to a paid service" .

Well, it has come to the end of a Free Link service I used. While visiting another link site I used I saw a message.
"MckLinky is turning to a paid service with rough terms (pay or they delete your links),......".
This surprised me.. where have I been? I didn't know anything about this! So of course I had to find out what the hype was about. Where is the evidence to this statement.

Went to my account at Mcklinky, now known as Linky Tools, to check this out. I found this message




Linky Tools has grown to over 16,000 users and I can no longer continue to pay all the expenses out of my own pocket to keep it free as I have done for a couple of years. Ads and donations are not working. I have to go to a subscription service.

To keep your account from being DEACTIVATED on February 7th, please go here and read this notice. THIS IS A GENERAL INFORMATION NOTICE... IF YOU HAVE PAID, YOU'RE GOOD TO GO.

Now I get it, Free things Must come to an end. Free is really always limited and mostly timed stamped at that.

Undecided on whether I will pay this service for continuing. Sometime ago I got frustrated with having to redirect folks to another site and then hoping that they will return to my blog to comment. This patterned I just did not like. Most folks, including me, will sometimes just move on to the next name on their list or blog in their Que.
I started looking for a link tool that would not redirect my visitors. I found one that was free to use. However every free service has a paid version that gives more tools to use. At some point one need to make that move. Free services always has Limits.

Inlinkz was one of my choices. Used it for awhile as a free service. Then later paid for the service. I wanted to use more of this service and not be limited on how much I could use. Their price is not bad it was under 20 dollars for one year. Now Mcklinky is charging 24.00 for one year. It is true He has more to offer than Inlinkz. However I had to look at the features I use and I felt that Inlinkz was a better choice for me.

I really did like Mcklinky, now called Linky Tools, Brent, the creator, has a lot of link types and hops going on. I do not think the cost is too bad. I am not a user of all the tools he has available. Therefore I am not eager to pay at this time. And the one thing that really turn me off right now is the Redirect of the Visitor to link up. I know he has some features that automatically puts the visitor back to your page. However even that is not to my liking. It takes too long to return the visitor and some time it can just timeout. There are always bugs to work out on these Link sites. Brent does a good job on staying up on these bugs. Weighting the pros and cons of the two, I still choose Inlinkz at this time.

Now, so I do not loose my links from his service, I have to export them to each of my blog post. This work needs to be done by the 21st of this month. So I will be busy deciding on the ones to export and the one to just let go. To be deleted by Brent as he deletes my account. One will still be able to link on the blogs who use his service.

If you want more information on this Move by Linky Tools here is a link for you....
The Yearly Subscriptions by LinkyTools
( this will explain it further for you)

Now if you are interested in Inlinkz, here is the link to that site.

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