Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Going Green Updates-Our Solar Story.

Here we are in a new year. As many of you know we have a solar system in our home. It was installed in November 2009. We have really reaped the rewards from it. Our lifetime Watts produce to this day are:

Lifetime energy=8,560 kWh (this is from November2009 to Feburary2011)

We have reduced your carbon footprint by: 14,206 pounds of CO₂ (year to date)

Now that is equivalent to:
1. Not driving 14,068 miles in a standard car.
2. Planting 158 seedlings grown for 10 years.

As far as dollar savings. Our electric bill has been almost cut in half. Some Months are under 120.00. We haven't seen that since we moved into this home, which was in the year 1999.

Getting use to using the solar system is teaching us to look at all the electric we use in this household. After about one year, that would be November 2010, we started looking at the usage in the home. Changing out light bulbs and cutting back on the amount we waste. Our bills have been going down even lower.

In the winter there is a draw back. Mr Sun doesn't always want to shine, and the snow can cover the panels and the temps do not let the snow melt as fast. These can cause a lower amount of solar energy to be delivered. Therefore February is our lowest amount produced. February tends to be the snow month for our region. We produce about half the amount as in the summertime. Even with the winter issue, we enjoy the knowledge that we are saving on the environment as well as our pockets.

Overall we are pleased with the solar system in place. That makes us look for more solar options in other lighting out doors. Saving even more on the electric bill and enviroment.

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  1. Hi Aunte E :) I would love to hear more about your solar system, how you set it up and more. Did you install your system yourself or have it installed? We really want to get off the grid. Are you off the grid?