Monday, February 7, 2011

Editorial -What is Wrong Here Folks?

Today I opened my e-mail and found a link to Brents, founder of Linkytools, post.


Now I did publish an Got Evidence post on this subject last week. One thing I did mention is that I really did enjoy using His service. If you have time read the post(the link is in the hypertext above). I do not want to quote from it, just in case someone get the wrong idea.

Brent makes good sense in his article. I really can not see why other folks cut his service down. In all my dealings with him, he has been quick to help and given out tons of free advice. I think Brent did us a great service for the free years. Now as to a paying service.

A while ago as I just starting out blogging, I really could not see paying for services. It was just a hobby and a way to meet new folks in a social network frame. Why would I pay for that? Oh yeah that was my thought back then. However in my third year in blogging, I can now see the advantage of Paying for a good service. One that will help you when a question arises. As well as have a stable social network site. Brent is that person. Now I am not saying this because I am being paid for of getting any kick backs. I read the article and started to think, just maybe folks got that wrong idea on my former post.

I am not putting down Brent for going to a paid service. I believe at some point folks need to realize, free can not stay free and work well forever. If one is to really blog and hold down a following , they will need to consider paying for a social service at some piont.

Remember when Facebook was rumored to start paying for they service? Folks went crazy. There is just something wrong with this picture. Why is it we all want everything free. If Something says FREE, Everyone Flocks to it. I might add here just to get the free thing. Now do they come but and support the business later? Statistics show only about 15% or less actually return to the business. We have grown up in a Free society and now look what we have become.

Perhaps, we aught to look at the financial mess we are in and consider helping out business online as well as in the public realm. Two dollars a month is not a bad price. Heck one spends more on a cup of coffee and it's gone in about 5 minutes and no social response or lasting relationship come from that cup. Just a full stomach til we have to buy the next cup. Think about that folks.

Brent I commend you on not allowing the Cyber-bullies dictate your business moves. I think you do a great job and wish you a lot of success. I know you will give great support to those staying and the new one joining. Maybe even to those who will be returning in the future.

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