Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When the Power Goes out....

Last night about 10pm we were watching a New TV show and then we had Blackness.... That's right no lights. Well there was lightening outside, however the whole neighborhood was in totally darkness. Our neighbor has a whole house generator but, because of the surges it did not work. Some other neighbors have generators, none of them seem to be working. I wondered Why? Anyhow we have a generator and hubby went to start it up, I ran the lines and we hooked up the power to some things. Daughter kept us apprised on the numbers out and restored from her computer info. We finished watching our show. We were the only house lite in the Neighborhood! We saw folks in the dark frantically trying to find their problem.

Many years ago, about 1999, we purchased a gas generator. it was during the time of the new millennium. Everyone was afraid the power companies and network would go down, due to the year change. It was believed that computers, which we have become accustom to, would not be able to make that date change. So folks started buying the generators and hording gas. Needless to say none of that happened.We went right into the New age with no Power or computer glitches.
One year we had a Hurricane hit and was out of power for a week. We used the Generator and did okay in this household. A few time we have had power outage and it has come in handy.
This is one reason we would love to be solar power self sufficient. having a solar generator backup who be ideal. There are some new technologies in play that will make that more feasible for the standard home. We are looking forward to installing that some day. Until then Our Gas one will have to do.
What do you do during Power outages?

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  1. Look around the neighborhood to see who else is out. Then we run the extension cords and fire up the generator and we are back in business watching TV and surfing the Internet. Whoa!