Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Going Green together- Monthly Updates.

Mr sun has been nice to us so far this summer.This stats are:
Our lifetime production (since November16/09) = 4,539 Kilowatt hours
Month production (from June2 -July1) was 798 Kilowatt hours
Our reduced Carbon imprint since the start= 7,533
Emission Reduced Equivalent to:
1.Driving a standard size car 7459 Miles.
2. planting 84 seeding trees.

We did well with the cloth shopping bags. However a few time the Plastic ones snuck by. We recycle them when that happens. Paper bags are used from big grocery days and we do reuse them and recycle them. All the paper bag that are received are recycle paper.

Our Rain barrels are full and being used for Our door Plants, bird baths and topping off fountains when needed.

We decided to only run the pool during the Morning hours when Mr sun is up. that will save on Energy consumption.

Our last energy bill was still under 200.00 and that was great! We will see now the the pool is opened how the bill will be next month.
Still looking into Solar water heating, will keep you informed on that project. We are thinking some time next year. Hopefully by then our state will approve selling RECs(Renewable Energy Credits) in State.

We received our first RECs check last week. It was for 320.00 for approx.two months, November and December 2009. Since the start of the solar Life.

Today is another hot day and Mr Sun will be shinning all day. We are making a difference as a family.

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