Thursday, July 15, 2010

Completion of the VSR Project.

Now that the Vintage sewing room is competed, it is time to share the numbers. This green project started in April 2010. It took about three months to complete. We had a Budget of 6500.00, most projects calling for a complete room redesign fall in the range of 5,000-10,000. This room called for a new flooring, new closet, some painting designs(one being a mural), a new window covering and not to forget the items needed to make it a sewing room. Of course all had to be Green smart and Healthy for the Home environment.
As you will see the breakdown of cost reflects the things we could do and the thing we had to sub out. Even with the setback cause by my broken arm, we were still able to do the things planed for us to do. It just took a little longer. After each percentage amount will be a note on how the items were done.

Painting was 29% of the budget.

1. We did the room wall painting using a Zero VOC paint.
Repaired and painted all the floor moldings, plus we needed to add shoe molding.
2. a Muralist did a one wall 3D mural as well as some items on a second wall. She used Zero to Low VOC paints. Some paints, due to the color, could not be Zero VOCs.

16% of the budget went toward the flooring.

1.We did all the work on the flooring. From ordering, Picking up the flooring at the warehouse to the install.
To include Tearing out carpet and disposal, sanding, repairing sub-floor and the install of the Striated bamboo flooring and underlayment.
Doing this saved us over 50% on the cost of having it done by a contractor.

The largest percentage 53% went to the closet remake.
1. Hubby and I did the tear out,repairs and painting.
2. Closet America did the install of the Custom designed Closet.
3. We purchased, picked up and installed the Tri- Mirrored sliding Closet doors ourselves.
4. We will also do the framing of the closet door ourselves.

That left about 2% for things like;
A wall photo I purchase from a blogger friend Robin from Israel. Her site is Around the Island.

I decided not to get the new window treatment, due to it was not within the budget. Then Hubby gifted the new blind/shade to me. I was very please with that.

Overall I stayed under budget for this Green project. I am very happy with it and will start working on my quilts and vintage items soon. I have a new Icon(shown above) that will be used for showcasing of items I am working on. Be on the lookout for this icon.
You can also view the project from start to finish. Note that the link(below) will take you to a page that begins with the most recent. Could I suggest you go to the bottom of the page and work up.
Here is your link to the VSR Green Project.

As with all projects there are a few details to finish. We still need to finish the Framing around the closet door and the molding on the closet wall. These will get done in the next few weeks.

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