Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Solar Inverter

The electric part is now complete. So, What does the Solar Inverter look like and what does it do? The photo on the left is the final look.
How does it work? The solar panels collect energy from the sun and stores it as Direct current(DC),like the power from a battery. Since home power is run by Alternating Current or AC, the energy needs to be converted to be used. The Inverter work like a transformer, turning the transistors rapidly on and off and feeding two different sides of the transformer tricking the transformer into thinking it is getting AC.
Our system is a Grid feeding one. That means the energy being collected that is not being used in our home at the time, will feed the power companies lines. Giving them a cleaner reusable source, we are doing our part to lower the CO2. You can see this by viewing the Meter box. As seen in the video below ours, in test mode, is going backwards.

What does it do? Besides the turning DC into AC the Inverter box supplies information to the consumer. We can see how much energy is being collected, the amount of CO2 being saved and other stats that are helpful. Now we must turn it off until it is hooked up to the grid. A few more days to go. The inspectors and Utility company to make their showing. A meter to be swapped out and an inspection sticker to be placed. Just a sneak preview for you all.

As I stated earlier the meter is going backwards. Here a short Video:

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