Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Solar Project-The Electric Part

Two days of Electrical work. Our wiring in this old house was a "train wreck" as the electrician stated. Wires were old and some were degrading, all the wires were in a jumble and who knew what was lurking in the walls.
We were told our electricity would be out all day and it was. They started at about 8am and didn't finish til about 8pm. Thanks to our generator we still were able to carry on with daily activities. I did cook out on the grill however.
Needed to have 2 panels put into one. Some new wires were run for the solar Inverter box (I'll post that part later).

Rick the electrician did a great job with the Box. As you can see below. The box looks very organized, all the wires in their places. Two boxes now One with room to expand. Now for the job of labeling every thing. That is a job in its self.

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  1. It looks really neat and organized. Your electrician works well.
    Have a nice day... :)