Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our New Solar Panels

The solar project is almost complete. All the panels are on the roof, the Inverter is in and the electric is done. The Electrical and Building Inspector have given their stickers of approval. Today the Power company switched out the meter. Now we are up and running, feeding our home and the grid.
Here are some project photos.

Conduit running from the attic to the power box.
Love that it is painted the house color.

Laying the rails for the Panels.
We will have three rows of Solar panels.

They used guide panels for wire placement.

The first Solar Panels laid out.

First day: half the panels done.

Finally done..It took two days to lay out the panels
Here is the photo of the array on top of our home.

We have 24 panels totaling 54kWh of harvesting sun power. This should reduce our power bill quite a bit. We will need to learn how to change our routines to use the suns energy wisely.
The system we have, has a Monitoring system. We are waiting for that to come in and be hooked up. I will post about that then.


  1. Awesome looking, getting better every year. I guess I better jump on the band wagon while the getting is good, and lookin good.

  2. That looks amazing. It must have cost a lot. Wish we could have ours one as well.