Monday, November 9, 2009

It's In The Bag-Monthly update #3

Now in my third month. doing well,remembering to carry the bag into the stores. I now have clerks asking me if I want a bag! How nice a sound is that? We have three cars at the present time, One of them will be sold next month. I have managed to put green bags in all the cars, now I am not without a bag. I also carry a large bag with some others folded inside them. That way I am reminded to use them. Even carry one when window shopping just in case that unexpected thing spots me eye. When I am with out, which is very seldom, there is always one to pick up for under one dollar. My Family is still not on the green bag issue yet but, I will keep on them. This is an on going mission of mine. How are you doing? Thinking about starting?
Start and take it one day at a time. A habit takes some time to form.


  1. That's great! Congrats. I find it was easier when I first started ... now I sometimes forget them in the car. Then I just put all the groceries back into the cart one piece at a time and load the bags in the parking lot ... I get a lot of funny looks!

  2. We also have bags in each car and hanging on the door from the kitchen to the garage. We're doing better at remembering. Funny thing is years ago we did it all the time. The store people would get irritated with us, and didn't like to use our bags; then we tired of fighting with them, so stopped. So glad to see more people getting on board now.


  3. Kudos on this. I need to be more conscientious about this myself. I haven't been very consistent.

  4. In France they have been insisting on using re-usable bags for several years. If you keep having to pay for them, you very soon learn to remember. In Ireland they banned the supermarket plastic bags some years ago too. In the UK they have been moving in that direction and won't offer you the normal bags, though they do have them.