Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Words - Commenters

Today's topic" Blog Comments". I have been at this blogging thing for about eight months now. One thing I really like is interaction with others. Have been paying attention to Commenters and what makes them comment on a blog. No I haven't figured it out, That would be a Gold Mine if I did! I could go on all the Talk Shows make a Trillon Dollars and maybe even trump Donald,hehehe.
One thing I noticed is the Meme's. Those are the Topics that invite reader to your page by using links bloggers leave on other blogs. You need to be sure you leave your link after commenting so others came find you easily.There are many to choose from and there is one for every day of the week. You can find one that suits your content or personality.
Here are a few I have found, some have links to join up;
Music Monday , Yellow Mellow Mondays,
Random Tuesday Thoughts, Ruby Tuesday,
Wordless Wednesday, Almost Wordless Wednesday,
If I could Blog by TimeThursdays, A Thousand words Thursday,Thirteen Thursday,
Aloha Friday, TGIF, Friday Photo Flashback,Friday Fill-In
Smiley Sunday, Green thumb Sunday,
There many more.
A few of these I participate in on my blogs, I have notice some get a lot of visitors and commenters.
Do you participate in a Meme? Which one, maybe the visitors will see something that will interest them. Do leave a link for others to visit.

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