Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Times A Coming-New Car!

Every three years we purchase a New Car...One that is up with the new safety specs. With today's Going Green Movement we have decided to look for one that will be as green as we need with out being to pricey. November/ December/ January is the time frame. This is what we want;
1. good MPG around 34 are better
2. must have OnStar
3. Must have front, back and side Airbags
4. like Automatic transmission
5. roomy inside
6. Nice ride and Quiet.
7. Four Doors
8. love to have sun roof-but that's an option
9. all the comforts of home,lol.

Here is our selection so far.

The Chevrolet Volt---Well maybe this one is too pricey. But A nice looking car and the MPG is to die for!

The Chevy Cobalt--Ah nice don't you think. Okay maybe not the color but it does have good specs. The XFE get 37MPG. and the price is under 20,000!

Ah the Chevy Malibu/Hybrid. Now it get good MPH with in our list. and it is a hybrid. The down side you can not get a remote starter with it and hubby loves his!

Finally the Toyota Prius. This little thing get 48Mph highway 51 city. However rating not that great and crash test not rated. The price is a bit high for the Car, I think.

So Now that I have introduced you to the Cars in the running, Which one do you think we should test drive and consider? Maybe you have one in mind not pictured. Give us your thought in my comments and we will be happy to check them out.
We will be posting how things are going thought out the process.


  1. WOW...really every 3 years you buy a new car. Man they aren't even paid for in that time. Hubby's car is 14 years old and still hanging in there, mine is 5 I think and I really love it. Don't want a new one. In 3 years you don't even establish a bond. Though I must admit, given my short distance to and from work; hubby's is even closer, I've wondered about an electric car.


    psssssss, hey lady, how many blogs do you have? I thought I was bad with 3-4 lol

  2. Sandy, We have 3 cars, My car and a Azeck recreational vehicle , both of those are paid off. With hubby's work travel,we like to have a current one for safety, and he put a lot of miles on his. We only take a short loan( sometimes pay cash). Safety is the most important thing for hubby commute to work. He works in the DC area, Drivers are very bad here...Some have no insurance or license, so some do not know how to drive defensively.
    Mine is fine and I like it and It is not produced anymore, so will not get rid of it,lol.

  3. My vote "right now" would be the Toyota Prius. I think the Chevrolet Volt sounds promising but they have said the technology will be expensive the first year and will continue to get less expensive as they refine the technology.

  4. MamaFlo..So right you are. even though the volt sounds great, cost is too high now and it is too new. Need some history on that car.