Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Roof Tops: Going Green?

Here's a good one..You are watching TV when a news clip, often called a teaser, comes on. Lady fights to win battle to put wind turbine on roof. Now I wonder if we started doing that how many lightening strikes would we get, would it hold up in the storms, how high will it be, do you need a flashing light on it. Will it start a frenzy? What do you think; yes, good idea....No, bad choice... for going green?

August 5
th Update: Lady did not win battle, community opposed the plan and the city said no.
According to the article below, it does sound like a good thing. Going Green sometimes goes against the norm and change are hard for some people to handle. The day will come when we will have these on the roof tops. Just like the TV Antennas and Satellite Disk donned our roof tops years ago. Remember that time, before cable.

You can click on photo to read "Bringing Wind Turbines to Ordinary Rooftops"

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