Friday, August 28, 2009

A Dilemma indeed!!!

Here is the Dilemma ..... I try to drop on 300 Entrecard widget per day. I only receive about 150 in return. So now if I drop 300/day and need to place and ad that cost 1024EC for a 24 hour ad.. I would have to spend 3 hours for nearly 4 days just to buy that ad! because I will not be receiving any extra EC from other Entrecard users dropping. Is it worth my time or should I look for another means? Okay folks I am asking a question please asisst me in the answer. What do you suggest? I'm I missing something? Is there light after the tunnel? I'm Drowning and there is no life guard in the site! so many question, no answers. What is your view and will you still be dropping or do you have so many EC in your account it really doesn't matter to you? I only have enough to last maybe two weeks! and that's if I buy low!
Do you use another ad means, tell me about it? does it work, Is it good , how do I join?


  1. EC still gives you the traffic. However, if you are looking for more traffic, make some bucks and basically do the same as EC, you might want to try adgitize. Very similar to EC and you can drop them at the same time. Basically, kill two birds with one stone.

  2. Even under the old system EC traffic was not worth the fffort. Say you drop 300 cards in 30 minutes. That earns you at best 600 credits. Do this for two days to earn the 1200 cr to advertise on many blogs. You just spent an hour of your life to earn 1200 credits. Since I earn about $40 an hour, that ad cost $40 for 24 hours.

    Which is why I'm glad you joined CMF Ads. Now you can purchase an ad on the same blog for $0.25 for 30 days. Hmm, pay $40 a day, or pay less than $0.01 per day, for the same exact 125x125 ad spot.

    Stop the entre-madness!

  3. I drop on whatever is in my inbox and I do have credits accumulated over the past year and a half because I only advertise on the lower priced blogs when I do advertise. I also use my credits to sponsor contests. I use blogexplosion and tried Adgitize, but like Entrecard the best. Hopefully you'll do well with CMF. Hopefully Entrecard will figure out a better way.

  4. I tried adgetize & CMF ads and EC is where the traffic comes from. A couple others I can't think offhand but you don't surf you just get an exchange they are on my blog if you are interested.

    In over a month I made less than $2 each on both adgetize and cmf showing 3 ads each on those sites (as a non-paying member) and my stats showed that I just wasn't getting traffic from there.

    I don't have a HUGE blog but I get between 200 & 400 hits a day and for not even 4 bucks a month I am not going to slow down my readers with their ads.

    There are two others I do that are exchanges and I don't click.

    I also only get about half of what I drop back with ec.

    Maybe we can get a list of 300 people who drop on everyone in their inbox at least half the week so we at least get the return traffic.