Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pedometers do they Work?

Visited a site in March,enBloom . Answered a question,actually the only one to answer it, about boosting your workout with Walking. It was a Fitness Friday Post. Pedometers were the issue. Article titled:
"How Can You Boost Your Workout"
How can a Pedometer help us increase our cardio workouts. Anyone who post a comment would be entered to receive a Pedometer. Now I have used Pedometer in the past,have found them not to be reliable. Perhaps I had cheep ones.

The article stated; "The best way to add a pedometer to your walking program is to first count, then assess, your daily steps after one full week of use to establish your baseline. You then increase that number incrementally. For many of us,10,000 steps a day (roughly the equivalent of 5 miles) is a lofty goal......A pedometer when combined with goal-setting is an easy way to track your progress and also motivate you to stay active on a given day until you’ve met your goal."
Now need I say "I won" the Pedometer. The kind of drawing one likes, you're the only one in the running(lol). Received the Pedometer in the mail on wednesday. Started using it on Thursday. It will be interesting to see if adding the Pedometer to my Daily routine will make a difference.


  1. When I worked as a waitress I tried one to see how much I actually walked while working and was surprised that during an 8 hour shift I walked over 6.7 miles and this was 5 days a week sometimes more sometimes less depending on how busy it was.

  2. Thanks for the link back Auntie E. I do hope you were able to accurately calibrate this pedometer and that it has provided some assistance in your workouts. I've also read some more recent posts, keep working towards your goals and don't give up.