Friday, April 10, 2009

Pedometer + Me= 0.00- Fess up Friday

This is my First Fess Up Friday post. Here's how it works. Post something you need to fess up, Maybe you didn't eat healthy,your exercise plan went out the window or you just goofed up. It is hard to stay on track if we just keep telling ourselves "Oh Well". Learning from ours and others goofs can strengthen all of us on our road to a healthier you. so lets have some laughs, tears and fun sharing Our week Goofs. After your post come back and link up through Mister Linky. Let the Fun begin.

My Last post was on the Pedometer(see below). I confess,I do not Know how to operate it!! Something simple and I can not work it. I can fix toilets and replace light blubs,but can not operate a simple two button Pedometer! Wore it all day,funny the same thing happened as the ones before. I would notice the number on the pedometer than later would see it 0.00. Okay I am walking! Maybe the buttons are not in a conducive place for my body. I will continue to try it. Maybe today it will work. Any suggestion for Me?

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