Friday, April 24, 2009

Fitness Friday-"Calgon Take Me Away!"

This week started out on a good foot. I have been down emotionally this week, (Missing my Mom). Some Days are like that. My routine I wanted to be in, Just did not pan out. Monday my daughter had no school. Tuesday I had meetings, hubby decided New tires were need for my car. Went 45 minutes away to have them installed, got home and had to go back. The tires were unbalanced and I would not be able to make a Trip to Virginia planed for Thursday. There went that day. Wednesday I had laundry, pack, need money (to the bank),Shop(Daughter told me on Tuesday night need bathing suit for trip). Urrugh, Calgon Take Me away. Stress! stress! stress!. Comfort food,Ahhh... Better now.


  1. I have visited your site several times. Today I become the first on your fun list, how lucky! Have a nice Friday!

  2. I don't understand Mr. Linkey thing. I've seen it mentioned on a few blogs. Could you explain?

    Hope things are better for you, I too am missing my Mom. She died just over a week ago. Keep thinking, I should call and tell her blah blah blah, then remember, I can't. Been trying to see Dad a bit each day, and or talk on the phone. Took over quite a bit in meals for him yesterday. He's been eating frozen healthy choice. Not bad, except he's quite small, and lost weight with the stress of Mom being in the hospital for so long etc. So am trying to put some meat back on his bones.

    welcome mats always out, look forward to hearing from hearing from you.

  3. i know how you feel.i will have a set goal that i want to reach for the week or the month and something i don't usually want to deal with pops up.