Friday, April 17, 2009

Fess up Friday- It Flew Out the Window!!

Here I go flying out the window. Yeh your right, that 5:30 am Exercising never happened. With Spring Break, sleeping in, visiting Dad and any other excuse the early morning routine just did not Happen. So now this was my routine this week; Up at 6am, turn computer on, started Coffee, made lunch for daughter, logged in on blog site, checked e-mail, put laundry on, make beds, got dressed, picked up clothes off the floor(My Daughters-Still can't get her to put them away),Check Bathrooms(4 of them),Start surfing and Dropping EC, Vacuum, write and post Blogs, Fold and hang Laundry items,Put them away, Walk around home,walk around outside, Drop More ECs, check on e-mail, Fix dinner and so on. Some of that can be consider exercise,huh. I try to use the Pedometer and still it zeros it self out. Now that can mean I walk more then it can register. I think I take that reasoning. On the calorie burner scale my day burns about 3000 cal per day. Still not enough to be on the loosing side. Maybe this next week will be better.

I am starting this Fess Up Friday post this is the second one. Here's how it works. Post something you need to fess up, Maybe you didn't eat healthy,your exercise plan went out the window or you just goofed up. It is hard to stay on track if we just keep telling ourselves "Oh Well". Learning from ours and others goofs can strengthen all of us on our road to a healthier you. so lets have some laughs, tears and fun sharing Our week Goofs. Link your site through Mister Linky and place your Post on your blog. Let the Fun begin.

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  1. I'm a recently diagnosed diabetic and have been doing really well with my diet but I just ate a handfull of jellybeans