Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Come In and Sign In Please......

Remember that TV show What's my Line? A Person would sign in and then questions from a panelist of four actors began (sometimes they were blind folded). The object was to guess what the person did. Well with Bloggers it is similar. One will visit the blogs to learn about that persons Life. You have to visit often to learn more. Entrecard is the Panelist means. One signs in and starts searching with questions in mind. With the changes at Entrecard I have been thinking, What will happen if Entrecard decides My blogs are not worthy of their site? How will visitors still follow my Blogs? If you Visit my Blog you leave a link, whether through EC , Blog Comments , Blog catalog or Goggle Followers, and I visit you! One thing I have been doing, as of this week, is signing in as a follower on the sites I like. when there isn't a follower sign in, I've been bookmarking them and adding to my favorites. If you visit and like my blogs please Sign in as A Goggle Follower located the right section side. You can do this on All of My Blogs, At Home,CookBook, BookReviews, Getting Fit, and Family Fitness. I want to continue to Visit your Blogs to learn more about your Life, At my Age the memory is not so good... At least that is what my teenager keep reminding me of. Now if you can not sign in on the Followers Sections, Leave your URL in the comments section. Thanks, Ya'll come back now.

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  1. I remember What's My Line.. probably because I'm so much older than you! You're right about all the different ways to get visitors to your site. Being a visitor is a great way of getting people back to your site. Best of luck with your blog.