Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new series--Tuesday Tell All!

So, this series is about telling all those secrets I have found out there. The kind that will enhance our lives. I call them secrets because you might not have heard of them before. This being a new year and on top of that, we are entering a new decade! There are so many new things to learn and some old ones to uncover.

Ever thought about the old times. When our Granny's looked like the Mrs Clause. Plump and jolly, in the kitchen baking cookies and sweets for the Grand-kids. Oh, and of course spoiling them rotten. Their ages were between 50 and 60,s. Now Have you seen the new 50's and 60's? What is the secret to their young looking appearances? It is getting hard and hard for the Carnival age guesser..to guess their correct age!

Let's see to start out with, our cleansers, moisturizers and makeup have anti-aging products in them now. Helping our skin keep its youthful look. We love the hairdressers and that no.32A color in a bottle. There is a trend in eating healthier things, like omega 3 items and Whole wheat products. Or should I say we are reading more labels on the food entering our bodies. Our obsession with Exercising has increased. More 50+ year old's are doing outdoor activities. Like hiking, skiing, white water canoeing, marathons and many other sports. Well just this past years Winter Olympics we had an in his late 40's guy join the Curling team! I think he was around 48! The statement was made by Newscasters, that more older folks are entering this game. I wouldn't mind playing it myself! Even in the Ice Skating arena there are older folks reentering the competition.

So, I am seeing a Secret emerging ..... It is to stay active. No more Granny's in the Kitchen cooking those Cookies and sweets. They are out with the Grand-kids, enjoying a Second Childhood. Oh yes, Now you know their secret.

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