Saturday, January 15, 2011

Editorial-Saving Money--Senate Bill.

I heard the other day about a Bill in the senate to incorporate a mandatory non paid two week vacation for all government workers. This surprised me, What is that Senator thinking? He says it will save money, a lot of it.
In this economy mandating a two week non paid vacation, just doesn't make sense.

First of all, Most government employees are hired on a yearly salary. It is divided into 26 payments and they are paid every two weeks. So you can see that there is no way to save money. The employees would still be making the same amount in pay, just probably divided into 25 payments. I do not think they can lower the employees salary contact with them.

Another problem I see is just making it mandatory to take unpaid vacation will not solve the problem. More people will have to be hired to cover for the Vacationing employee. Since the Vacationing Employee will not be on call! No, that can not save money. More people hired mean more money spent. As it is now the government to sizing down. Employees are doing the job of now Three people! That makes them a valuable asset. Having one gone for two weeks untethered to the jobs' needs. Unable to be called back at a moment notice or conferencing over a communication mode, would be a downside to this plan.

A better solution in my opinion is to let the Civilian Contacts Go. The cost is high for them. Not to mention the government have very little control over the contractors. I think that would save a lot of money. However that also would effect the economy. We would have a lot of folks out of work. Not to mention they would have to hire more government employees to cover the lost workers. So I do not know a solution.

So what is the solution to the government saving money to pay down the National Debt? Well, if some one who is out there knows, They would be very Rich!

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